Travel to New Zealand

If you have decided to travel to New Zealand, in a week or a month, the question of the budget will arise. What budget to plan for your trip is always a complex question to discuss and assess. Some people love the preparations, calculating their budget, etc. while others, on long-distance trips, arrive with their backpacks to explore the country.

A general overview of the expenses to plan for a trip to New Zealand will be given in this article. If this is your first trip to the country, this article is for you.

A road trip in the country remains a very classic option. Many travelers can even work for several months in the country (with a Working Holiday Visa). Tourism is big in New Zealand, but you will need a visa to travel to New Zealand.

The cost of a trip to New Zealand

For your trip to New Zealand, make a budget for the plane tickets, your activities, your accommodation, and your food. You should also budget for your travel insurance, gifts, card withdrawal fees, etc.

1. The plane ticket to New Zealand

For many travelers, especially if you are visiting from France or Europe in general, the plane ticket to travel to New Zealand will take a significant part of your vacation budget.

New Zealand, like all of Oceania, is indeed located at the other end of the planet. It is an essential point to evaluate the budget for your trip to New Zealand as there are many things to be discovered there !

One would, therefore, think that traveling to New Zealand via a Paris-Auckland ticket would be overpriced. In reality, this is no longer the case. Tickets have gone down considerably and it is almost easy to find a € 600 ticket for a Paris-Auckland flight. It is not expensive, compared to the distance and the hours of flights. Note that there are no direct flights.

Here are some interesting figures and information about the plane ticket.

If you know the tricks to find cheap air tickets, you will find Paris-Auckland flights from €550 for a cheap trip. Departure from Paris is mandatory.

From the French province, prices increase by around €100 to 150. It can be between €650 to 750 for a flight to New Zealand.

From other countries:

  • Prices of flights departing from Canada are between €600/700 from major cities.
  • Find a flight from Switzerland is between 600-650 €.
  • Book a flight from Belgium. The prices are higher, around €700 to 800.
  • From French Polynesia, prices vary but remain generally around €500. Occasionally you can find cheaper flights, and book a ticket at €400.

In any case, the ticket will have a significant place in the calculation of your travel budget to New Zealand. Note that it is often possible to go to New Zealand by including it in around the world ticket.

2. Traveling between the two islands of the country

Traveling between the two Islands is an element to consider when calculating the cost of your trip to New Zealand. For those who are going to cross between the two islands, there are several options:

By Ferry

If you do not have any other means of transport, you will have no other choice than the ferry which connects the 2 volcanic islands. It is also an opportunity to see magnificent landscapes on the road. There are generally two ferry companies that make the journey: Interislander and Blue Bridge.

Prices for a road trip:

  • $ 200 for a car with one person, $270 for 2 people.
  • $ 420 for a Van or a mobile home for 2 people.

By plane

If you travel by bus or hitchhiking, for example, you do not have to take the ferry to reach the island opposite. The plane is also much cheaper than the ferry. This is one of the tips to save money during your trip to New Zealand.

Here are some average price ideas:

  • One way ticket Auckland – Christchurch: €45
  • Auckland – Wellington: €40
  • Wellington – Christchurch: €40
  • Christchurch – Dunedin: €70
  • Auckland – Dunedin: €50

If you’re looking for the cheapest domestic flights from major New Zealand cities to other cities in the country, you can make more research online, you will see cheaper domestic flights.