Should you print your nzETA?

The New Zealand immigration authorities suggest that travelers print their ETA confirmation email and keep a copy with their passport. You can also have an electronic copy and provide the information to the airline and the immigration counter upon arrival. Your valid passport is also compulsory if you want to gain entry into New Zealand.

However, if you are visiting New Zealand by cruise ship, you must have a printed copy of the NZeTA confirmation email.

How long can I use this visa?

Your ETA visa allows you to make your initial entry into New Zealand no later than one year after the date of the issue.

When will I receive a stamp on my passport?

Your ETA visa is linked electronically to your passport number; you will not need a stamp.

Once in New Zealand, how long can I stay?

You are allowed to stay in the country for up to 3 months at a time. It is possible to leave the country and return for an additional 3 months during the lifetime of the visa.

Is an ETA visa required for all of my kids, and if so, how should I apply?

Yes, unless your children have a New Zealand passport, they will need an ETA to visit New Zealand. All visitors to New Zealand, regardless of age, require an ETA.

If the children have their passport, you must request a separate ETA for the child, entering all the details of your child’s passport.

I’m going to New Zealand tonight, will my visa be ready?

In most cases, ETA visas are processed instantly, but as stated by the New Zealand immigration authorities, the processing of your ETA may be delayed up to 2 business days if you have provided incorrect information.

Can I cancel my ETA?

No, once you have paid for the service, the processing of your New Zealand ETA is already underway. You must accept the terms of use, which are following New Zealand immigration law.

I made an error while entering my name, how can I correct the error?

There is no known way to go back and change errors. Once you have filled in your details, your New Zealand ETA processing is already in progress.

Your ETA visa is connected to your name as it shows on your passport. If your name has been entered incorrectly, you should notify New Zealand e-visa officials as soon as possible. Your ETA will need to be processed again and you will have to pay additional fees for the new ETA.

Why can’t you fix the error for free?

If an error occurs with your name or passport number, the ETA must be reissued. The reissued ETA is billed at full price.

Can I get a job in New Zealand with an ETA visa?

No, this visa is not intended for professional purposes. If you take up a job during your stay in New Zealand on an ETA visa, you will be violating the visa conditions.

New Zealand employers will verify that you have the correct visa authorizing you to work. If you want to work in New Zealand, perhaps on a working holiday visa (up to two years), or if you want to emigrate permanently as part of the general New Zealand migration program, the visa office can help. The visa office website does not offer online assessment requirements for these two categories of visas. Please visit the New Zealand ETA website for more information on these visas.

If you were offered a job in New Zealand during your visit and you decide to work, you can apply for a work permit by applying for a temporary residence visa.

A temporary resident visa allows New Zealand employers who are unable to fill highly qualified positions in the local labor market to sponsor staff overseas for up to four years.

You cannot start work until the embassy has approved your application. Working without permission is a criminal offense punishable by a fine. Your visa may be revoked and you may be forced to leave the country.

You can consult the New Zealand Visa immigration authority office for information on how to obtain a work visa for New Zealand.